Deepen Your Backbend & Open Your Heart with Jade

Jade Norris
Jade Norris

Backbends strengthen and increase mobility of the spine, improve posture, and can be very fun! Heart openers create space in the front side of the body and may create feelings of love, compassion, and can be very energizing! In this series, we will explore and progress several different backbends and heart openers to harness the physical, emotional, and energetic power of these poses.

What Will You Learn
  • Increase strength and mobility of the spine.
  • Open the front side of the body.
  • Harness the energetic power of heart openers.
Jade Norris
Jade Norris

Jade completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Kunga School of Yoga at In Balance Yoga in Blacksburg in the summer of 2019. She is working toward he..