Infinity Flow with Jess

Jessica Spence
Jessica Spence

Take your "moving meditation" to a whole new level... In this practice we will build a continuous, extended flow that will challenge the mind and body while also offering the space for you to find your focus and ease. If you have ever felt frustrated or discouraged in the past about having not hit a "peak pose" or that one balance that you did - do NOT worry, because you will move through this sequence multiple times until you find YOUR groove!

What Will You Learn
  • The embodiment of flow as moving meditation.
  • How to build a continuous flow.
  • Practice peak poses multiple times.
Jessica Spence
Jessica Spence
Certified Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor / Nutrition Coach / Your Biggest Fan

I have been a Coach since 2016 (NASM CPT), and along the way have fallen in love with exploring variety and quality in movement, which brought me to Yoga! Nutri..