Fresh As : Refresh Your Sun Salutes for More Intelligent Sequencing

30 days
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In this short asynchronous virtual workshop you'll earn 1.5 hrs of Continued Education useful for Yoga Alliance registered RYTs. 

Fresh As is a simple tool that offers transformational sequencing ideas for Yoga teachers who offer vinyasa or power yoga classes.  If you're looking for purposeful, smart and innovative ways to change your sequences without line and lines of memorization? Then look no further.

In this training you will learn several new Sun Salutation sequences along with rational for when and why to use these sequences. Learning these new salutes will unlock ways to both maintain the spirit and moving meditation aspects of Sun Salutations while also customizing the pattern by modification for those with joint or mobility concerns, or amplify the pattern to prepare and preview people for more complex and advanced work.

This training includes a video lecture and a downloadable file. 

It is recommended that those taking this training participate with the curriculum in this manner:

1) Watch and follow along with the video.

2) Review the attachment which breaks down the sequences you just did.

3) Watch and follow along with the video once again, pausing to take notes or refer to the curriculum

4) Sequence your own new salute for your own classes!

Bonus! Email if you have questions or want Julia to review your sequence and offer feedback on your sequence.  Please allow up to 30 days for review and reply.